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Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

Visits to the game preserve

Pay a visit to our game preserve and admire the game in their own natural habitat! We guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

KÉZDIALMÁSI VADASKERT ÉS VADASPARK MERENI GAME PRESERVE AND GAME PARK is situated approximately 22 km from Târgu Secuiesc, in the southeastern, inner corner of the “converse letter C” of the Carpathians. The aim of the game preserve opened in 2009 is to exhibit the native game species of Romania and Europe in their original habitat. In an area of three hundred acres visitors can admire wild boar, mouflons and roe deer. (link: Our animals / relevant). In addition, smaller predators and various bird species also show up in great strenght.

The game preserve is open from winter to summer. The seasons in which the preserve shows its most beautiful aspect are: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season and part of the day, as well as each type of weather condition endows the landscape a unique atmosphere and aspect, be it sunshine or irate cloudy weather, winter blizzard or summer shower.

  • KÉZDIALMÁSI VADASKERT ÉS VADASPARKThe blanket of snow covering the bare winter trees;
  • the power of nature waking in spring,
  • the overwhelming joy of summer,
  • the wonderful cavalcade of colours in autumn,

are all of unique, uncomparable beauty. Besides the characteristics of the landscape the truly intensive experience is provided by becoming acquainted with the fauna. Among them, the most touching one is the spectacle provided by the young progeny in the spring-early summer periods. Does the spectacle of a litter of striped wild boar piglets sleeping cluttered up and playing continuously touch your soul too?


1. Visit to the game preserve (approx. 2 hours)

This is a somewhat shorter tour within the game preserve that takes places mainly on the main tracks including 1-2 stops. During this visit the most beautiful parts of the game preserve and – with a bit of luck – a part of the animal stock can be seen.

2. Taking photos and filming possibilities

Important: Due to reasons of protection of interests, photos can be taken solely in the place(s) and way(s) designated by the tour guide. You will always be informed. We expressly ask you to understand and respect this rule.

3. Excursions in the game preserve (approx. 5 hours)

In half a day you will have the opportunity not only to tramp the forests and meadows as “tourists” but also to melt into the landscape and get into the nature’s rhythm. In addition to the carefully selected part of the day, this will require a disciplined, quiet moving, and soundless awaitings at ambuscades as well. Within a short time you will feel the tiny vibrations of the nature too; you will practically become part of the scenery.

If you can absorb the almost palpable tranquility of the nature, with the help of an experienced tour guide you will be given such experience that you have probably never undergone. You will be able to sense the “noise of nature’s silence”. (At first sight you may find the land completely soundless, but after having waited some 15-20 minutes, various species of the wildlife will let their voices heard. Singing birds, ravens, crows, sneaking small game, rodents labouring under the dead fallen leaves…) With sufficient patience the everyday activities of many animals of the fauna’s colourful palette will become not only audible but visible, too. You will be able to catch sight of the migration and eating of wild boar, mouflons’ and roe deer. This spectacle is such an experience that you will carry with you for a long time. Watching the animals and joining their life to a certain degree give some undescribable surplus even for experienced hikers. Besides daily routine problems unhidden samples of instinctive natural behaviour will burst upon your view, which may as well in many cases prompt you to alter the scale of your values or at least your value judgement.

Rules of visiting the game preserve are:

  1. It is your own responsibility to enter the game preserve.
  2. We kindly ask you to fully comply with the guide’s instructions.
  3. Please, do not smoke in the game preserve.
  4. Please, never throw away any rubbish.
  5. You must not lag behind the group (nor is it worth doing so).
  6. It is forbidden to take photos or to shoot films from tripods. (Taking photos and making videofilms will be possible in the ways permitted by the tour guide.)
  7. It is forbidden to take any unknown animals to the territory of the preserve.

Thank you
for keeping of the rules of visiting the game preserve!